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贾斯汀·惠勒 ?25










贾斯汀·惠勒 ’25 is passionate about aerospace sciences and research. Carthage’s space sciences program and 工程 Department provided him the perfect opportunities to explore his interests and build upon his skills. 他收到了 Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Award to help him pursue space-related studies and has been a part of numerous funded research opportunities. 



“工程 is a great major for those who are into all sorts of engineering. It is not a specific category of engineering but rather a focus on the process of engineering. This program is building skilled engineers who are adaptable to every field.”

贾斯汀·李·惠勒, ’25


“I chose Carthage because of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium space science teams. As soon as I found out that Carthage students were going on to work at NASA and Boeing, I was in. The Carthage space science teams are performing entirely student-led graduate-level research that has taught me so much about project management as well as technical and professional skills.”


“My favorite class at Carthage so far has been General Physics I with Professor Julie Dahlstrom. This was the first class that really opened my eyes to what is out there in the universe. It was sufficiently challenging but also exciting. 的加入 物理-based Python projects was my favorite part — Prof. Dahlstrom does an amazing job of teaching 物理 with 计算机科学 添加的元素.”


“The toughest class at Carthage so far has been Intellectual Foundations with Professor Dave Gartner. As someone who understands concrete numerical problems, literature classes have always been my Achilles heel. However, I am so glad this class is a requirement at Carthage. While I may not have felt this way when I was up late writing an essay on a subject that I was not enthralled to write about, I realize now how important it is to practice thinking in ways that you are not used to. Intellectual Foundations with Prof. Gartner taught me to question everything, and for that I am grateful.”


“I am involved with the social fraternity 三角洲Upsilon, 攀岩俱乐部,和 collegiate rocket launch team. Being a part of 三角洲Upsilon allows me to meet people outside of the STEM major; I believe it is incredibly important to have friends of all different majors and personalities. The 攀岩俱乐部 has allowed me to always have a place to kick back and listen to music with my friends while getting in a fun workout. The rocket team project was the first project in which I was the manager, and it was one of the most exciting parts of my freshman year.”

Golden opportunities

“I participated the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) 2022年计划. I spent the entire summer designing and developing my very own fluid dynamics for the Carthage microgravity research project. It was an incredible undertaking, and after gaining the skills over the summer, I was promoted to team lead of this project, which will be sent up on a Blue Origin New Shepherd 有效载荷进入太空.”


“I hope to progress my career in the field of aerospace engineering. Whether this means graduate school or entering the job market, I know that my experience at Carthage will have me prepared.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus is the rock climbing wall.”


“My favorite moment has been getting to fly on a Zero-G parabolic flight. This means I was in a plane that was falling straight toward the ground, producing the effect of zero gravity for all in the plane cabin. This was my first research flight and the greatest experience of my life.”


“My biggest surprise has been how comfortable I feel on campus. Everyone on campus is so accepting and easygoing. I have found a home at Carthage.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“My 8-year-old self would be enthralled that I am on my way to fulfilling my dream of working at NASA.”